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Wed, 01 Jul 2009

the Spiegelman monster
I just read bunnie's brilliant post on H1N1. I just want to recommend it to you, take some time and follow the links. It left my mind with lot of good and evil ideas - such as when is the right time to start a company selling RNA/DNA-firewalls to sequencing companies.

While I am still reading on the subject I stumbled across the Spiegelman monster which does biological replication in impressive 36 bytes.

Update (2009-09-22): It seems the industry is keeping pace with my ideas. VeriChip filed patents to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans. H1N1 and others are to be detected by those patented biosensors. Now, suppose there's really a small industry coming up with those products. Inevitable also new (royality-free) virusses will come up. In the computer-anti-virus industry we have seen that some of the companies came up with own virus creations to have a competitive advantage over others in the same industry, or simply to sell more products. Whether this holds true for an anti-human-virus industry or not - filing patens on the countermeasures on diseases, is a violation of Human Rights atleast in my eyes. And I am not saying "the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights" but the basic humanitarian idea behind human rights in general. As of today we have some piles of patents on medication, plants, animals and maybe soon humans. The United Nations need to act now, and declare all of them invalid, illegal and void. (via Fefe)

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