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Fri, 03 Nov 2006

This blog is pretty unknown and doesn't have much subscribers. When I started the blog I wanted to give you the ability to leave comments. I had thought my blog is somewhat safe out in a corner of the internet, and I can handle the spam manually. I was proven wrong. Day 1 had like 100 spams...
The 1st thing I did is to moderate the spam myself. So every once in a while I went through the hughe list and deleted the spam, but I found myself deleting a few megabytes per week. I had thought that if I moderate the spam, the volume will automatically reduce, as spammers will come back and check whether their post really ends up in the blog. But no, they don't.
Spammers are more stupid than the dirt in my shoes.
But stupids are easy to handle: I added a simple JavaScript-Test, and all the spammers fail on that (up to now). It's another blosxom plugin and available here.
I added some logging functionality to the plugin, and here's the 2268 spammers from the last 17 days:

Now the fun (or sad) part about the story:
One single spam came through. It came from a Polish ISP. And hold your breath, it had this referrer! That means someone in Poland is sitting at his JavaScrip-enabled Firefox, and wading through all blogs she finds via google, and spams them, manually. And she came to my blog somwhere near rank 800 of her google search!

Wages in Poland must be way too low!
Or are all spammers poor, and only most of them know how to poorly program scripts?

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