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Fri, 02 Jan 2004

repair of an ICF-PRO80
similar to the ICF-PRO70

English below
Mein SONY ICF-PRO80 hatte das Problem, dass Lautsprecher und Kopfhörer nur extrem leise zu hören waren. Hier beschreibe ich kurz meine erfolgreiche Reparatur.
The speaker and headphone output of my SONY ICF-PRO80 were very very silent. Here I describe how I successfully repaired it.

A snap of the disassembled ICF-PRO80:
A snap of the amplifier board:
Some of the capacitors leaked a bit:
I decided to replace most of the caps, they seem to be really bad, as the volume increased on most of the capacitors I replaced.
Amp-board with the replaced caps:
I replaced
4x 47uF/6.3V
2x 47uF/16V
1x 220uF/16V
1x 470uF/10V

You may also get your Sony ICF-70/80 fixed here.
Here's a short description on the ICF PRO 80.

21 writebacks


Victor Gomez wrote
Thank you for this page of help.I have one ICF Pro 80 and he´s died, only i receive a weak signal in FM broadcasts, but low in all the sounds, in MW and all SW i don´t receive signal... Can you mark in this photos with an arrow the capacitors changed with the respectively value in mf? . Thanj you very much from Uruguay.Regards
mazzoo wrote

All photos show the device with the original capacitors, except the last one, where I replaced them. Just compare the 2nd and the last photo. There are 3 Cs replaced on the bottom right, an five on the bottom left. Matthia
Kurt wrote
Repair ICF-70 and 80 Pro
Well, I repaired some pcs, but all electrolytic smd c´s must be replaced incl. the inhoused dc-dc-converter for tuning voltage! Only the not smd-elyts (2x) on lower pic. are ok, also on processor board! Vy success! Kurt
nyjahan wrote

Thanks for the photos. I have no sound, not even a weak one. I was told the the transformers are burnt out. Can you confirm that and if so, which ones are they or where are they located. Thank you in advance. Regards, nyjahan.
Dan wrote
Cap Question
I was just given a Pro-80 for free. It has no sound but all other functions work. By no sound I mean no static and no beeps when I push the keypad digits. I think I see that you replaced some of the SM's with radial caps. Is that correct in what I see? I am going to try to do a recap on mine but SM's I have never done. Also, I can't find a service manual or schematic on line. Can you help with a schematic at least?
cheer wrote
hi there, thanks very much for the photo and information, i have new in box sony icf pro 70 radio but it only works on fm and the sound is very very low, so i guess may have the same problem, could you please tell me where can we get those capicators and how much are they, thanks.
Anders Boström wrote
Hello, I have a similar problem with low volume! I intend to order the repair kit from Kiwi. Do you think this will be sufficient?
roy wrote
repair help
my sony pr 80 not working no sound .i connect supplay connector wrong. after radio is not working any chance to repair .now switch on the time only tik sound comes in to the speaker. no display.. any chance to repair
M0BBV wrote

Fixed my SONY Pro80 today. Many thanks for the Information..
David wrote

Thank you for the information on how to fix the Sony ICF-PRO80. I have just fixed my PRO80 and it works like new. I replaced all the capacitors with the same values (uF) but with higher volts, this makes them bigger. I just put them all on there sides, I was then able to reasseble the receiver. If you cannot find the same size of capacitors just make sure you get the same or higher voltage and it will work perfectly. Thanks again
Rocketeer wrote
repair help
i repair several SONY ICF PRO* by changing the SMD's but don't forget the 2 C's in the DC/DC Box.
Kemal GÖZEN wrote
My Sony ICF-PRO80 slowly-slowly lost audio. At the and there was no audio. I found this site and i replace all the electrolitic capacitors on the cards "PLL Board" and "Signal Board". Now audio condition became very good. But, only with mode "Narrov FM" with the other reception modes there is no audio. What can i do? Anybody can help me? Thank you. // 2012-01-19 Kemal GÖZEN
Valmir Teixeira wrote
radio sony icfpro80
Tenho uma sucata deste rádio e 2001 com display quebrado. Vendo baratinho.
Peter wrote
Sony ICF-Pro80
Hi, do you have any circuits and help for no volume in my receiver please. Peter
Sidnei Alevir wrote
Sony ICF-Pro80
Obrigado pela dica, foi só trocar os capacitor e ligar, funcionou perfeitamente.
Jim P wrote

Fntastic, I bought my pro-80 new and gave up on it several years ago because it quit talking and no one knew how to repair it-now I have recourse to repair and start reusing this great receiver. Thank You so Very Much!!!
Peter wrote

It is an awkward job to replace these caps but it worked! Thanks for the tip it made one old gentleman, the owner of the Pro80 very happy indeed. Cheers!
Chris from Africa Sierra Leone wrote
Mad for radios
Hey my uncle gave me this ICF 80 radio,no sounds. How can I get it to work. I live and work in Freetown,Sierra Leone. Thanks Chris
R. VÉRAS wrote

Please, my ICF PRO 80 have the same problem. Please help me, where i Buy the capacitor? Thank you.
Jilu Antony wrote
No Sound. Please help me
Sony ICF-Pro80 Hi, do you have any circuits and help for no volume in my receiver please. Jilu Antony . 20/10/2014 India
B.botnmark wrote

Replace ALL the smd-like electrolyt capasitors (14-15 if i remember right). Even if You get the sound back by only replace the capasitors related to the PA,the reminding ones still make trouble; they leak out op PCB which cause your radio to mailfunction, or in worst case destroy print, coils or nearby components later.


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