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Fri, 18 Mar 2005

nordic nRF9E5 stuff
the nRF9E5 is
  • a 433/868/915Mhz
  • GFSK radio transceiver
  • max. 10dBm transmit power
  • max 53kpbs (manchester encoded)
  • integrated 8051 derivate
  • similar parts: nRF24E1, nRF24E2, without 8051: nRF905, nRF2401, nRF2402
datasheet(v1.2) from nordic semiconductor

I have created some notes on the device (hoping to keep it up to date while I work on it).
I am coding in assembler, tools: asx8051 and aslink of the SDCC (small device c compiler)

my nRF9E5 include file

The EEPROM needs a 3 byte header, so for my toolchain, I needed to hack

an excerpt from the source:

# (c) by maZZoo [a]
#                   licensed under GPLv2
# mangles EEPROM data for an 8051-based nordic semicondictor
# nRF9E5 radio transceiver.
# reads an Intel-hex-formatted file from stdin,
# writes it to stdout, all output addresses
# will be increased by $offset (>=3)
# prepends bytes as the nRF9E5 requires.
# probably does quite the same job as nordic's
# eeprep.exe - I never happened to run it.
# usage:
#       cat aslinkout.ihx | ./ > myeeprom.hex

After hacking the quick-n-dirty perl-script, I found srecord which seems to be able to do the same job; it can handle a wide variety of program formats and operations.

For programming the boot-EEPROM 25C320 I use ponyprog.

2 writebacks


Nestor wrote

Nordic has released v1.3 datasheet. I am coding in C with Keil Compiler
mazzoo wrote

thanks for the hint, I updated the link.


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