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Sun, 14 Oct 2007

Chipcon/TI CC1110 radio transceiver

In early spring 2006 Chipcon (Texas Instruments today) announced a very promising ISM radio transceiver device. Today first people are getting hold of the CC1110:


Nick Chernyy has taken a series of great shots of the CC1110. In his microblog he's doing silicon porn pics every friday (aka IC Friday).
All kudos go to Nick!

I had designed a board for the transceiver back in last spring and am still awaiting the first samples. The CC1110 main features are:
  • 315/433/868/915 MHz GFSK radio
  • 8051 CPU @ 24 MHz (@1 instruction per cycle, not 12:)
  • 128 bit AES coprocessor
  • 32 kB flash
  • 4 kB SRAM
  • 5 channel DMA engine
The board I designed couples the CC1110 via a FTDI to a USB host PC. For the RF part I still need to design a power amp board, as I am targetting a small frequency slot between 869.40 and 869.65 MHz, where (atleast) in germany we're allowed to operate at 500 milliwatts ERP.

A far-in-the-future target of this spare time work will be an encrypted ad-hoc radio network layer.

If I made you curious, just wait for more to come.
If you're an enthusiastic developer, contact me, I may need your help.

3 writebacks


Nestor wrote

I often use Nordic nRF9E5 and now, i'm trying to design a power amp, but i have no RF skills. I'm planning to use a MAX2234 PA, a MAX2643 LNA, a SAW filter and 2 NXP SA630 SPDT RF switches. Other possibilities are: BFG540 discrete transistor for PA, a NXP BGA6289 PA, a NXP BGA2003 LNA or two BA592 pin diodes as a RF switch. I can give you an schematic of an Cgipcon CC1000 with 25 miliwatts
mazzoo wrote

Hi Nestor, thanks for your suggestions. I am not quite sure why you want an LNA? Because the PIN-switches add too much attenuation? I think with two PIN-switches you can stay around 1-2 dB, which seems fair and OK to me without LNA.

For the RF amp I had chosen a RFMD RF5110...
ZORRO wrote

Hey man, I thought this was some new kind of desktop operating system screenshot...


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